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LocalsNetworking is an effective way to build a referral network of local small business owners. All you have to do is sign up and tell us who you're looking to meet!

If you are familiar with small business marketing and referral network programs like BNI, LeTip, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International or Small Business Associations. You understand how it works. If these are new terms to you, the goal of these programs is to connect you with local business owners to open up opportunities to share business and customers. Here is an example, if you are a Wedding Planner you could see how it would be beneficial to have relationships with a limousine service, photographer, bakery, dress shop, travel agent, local hotel, caterers, bartenders, venue rental and party rentals.

LocalsNetworking provide you a platform to create these relationships on your schedule. Members have the ability to create groups, pick who they are looking to network with, set up meetings, spread their company message, communicate with other members and all this with no attendance policies or membership fees. is referral marketing centered around you.

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