How does this site work?

The easiest way to understand what we want to accomplish is to think of LocalsNetworking as a dating site for your business. We want you to meet as many businesses as you can and see which ones you "connect" with and have the opportunity to share business with. As it is with life, no one gets married after the first date (ok, most people don’t). So we are providing you a tool in which your business can begin a professional relationship with other businesses in your area to help one another grow. People refer business to who they know and trust, and people can’t trust you until they know you.

Is free to use?

Yes it is!

Is this a referral service?

No, we provide a platform for you to build your own referral network.

What are the advantages of over a traditional networking group?

To sum it up, our goal is that you create or join a group centered around you and what you are looking for in a referral group. Without the constraints of inconvenient meeting times, attendance policy or expensive dues. Our model still allows for personal interactions and meetings but on a schedule that works for you.

My profession fits in more than one category, can I pick more than one?

You can only pick one category, pick the one that best represents your business or the area of your business you are looking grow.

The group I am looking to join already has a member with my profession, can I still join?

The groups are set up to allow one member per profession, this allows for a more diverse member population per group and to enhance referrals. You may join another group or create your own.

I don’t see a category that fits my business, what should I do?

Review the list one more time, and if you still do not see an appropriate category please email us to suggest a category which would fit your business.

Do you have groups in other countries?

As of now we are only set up for groups to be formed in the US, although we do have plans to expand.

What do the colors mean on the page listing all the groups?

Green means that the group is actively searching for your profession and people are looking to network with you. Yellow means the group has not filled your profession and is open to you joining. Red means that the spot for your profession is currently full.

Why are some groups closed to me?

When a group is closed or red, it indicates there is already a member with your profession in the group. You can look to join another group or create your own.

I joined and have not gotten any referrals, what should i do?

For this to work you need to be proactive and reach out to the members of your group. Send an introductory email to introduce yourself and your business. Schedule a meet up for coffee or to visit a member’s business. The best way to get a referral is to give a referral.

I have been invited to join a group but I cannot find the group?

First, make sure you have the name of the group you are looking for, it would have been sent to you on the invitation email. Second, make sure you are in similar areas, in other words if you live in Chicago you wouldn’t want to join a group located in Boston. Finally, you may need to adjust the radius so that you can see all the groups in a specified area.

Why would I want to make my group private?

If you are involved in a traditional marketing group and would like to bring your group to our platform while maintaining your formal membership process, making your group private might be the right choice for your group.

Can I join a private group/ how to do I join a private group?

To join a private group the admin of the group must send you an invitation to do so. Or you can email them by clicking on the group and sending them a message.

How do I know who the Creator/ Admin of the group is?

The Creator/ Admin will be the first one listed in the member’s section and will have a gray outline behind them.